Saturday, 7 October 2017


I have joined a drawing academy. I think it´s a great opportunity to improve my drawing skills.
I am a person who believes that a learner needs homework because the lesson is not enough to learn.  I am going to work at home that I think I need to improve. My teacher gives me suggestion when I am drawing, at the same time I notice what are my lacks of mistakes. He didn t tell me what I can do but it doen't matter, I am used to learn by myself.
The first thing that I need to practice is the tone. I will try to repeat the tone and secondly I will try to identifie the tone individually.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Values, an essential aspect

"The first things to study are form and values. For me, these are the things that are the basics of what is serious in art."

Jean Baptiste Corot (1796-1875), French painter

Value - An element of art that refers to luminance or luminosity — the lightness or darkness of a color. This is important in any polychromaticimage, but it can be more apparent when an image is monochromatic, as in many drawings, woodcuts, lithographs, and photographs. This is commonly the case in much sculpture and architecture too.

Tone and tonality - A quality of a color, arising from its saturation (purity and impurity), intensity (brilliance and dimness), luminosity (brightness and dullness), and temperature (warm and cool); or to create such a quality in a color. To tone down is to make a color less vivid, harsh, or violent; moderate. To tone up is to make one become brighter or more vigorous. Tonality can refer to the general effect in painting of light, color, and shade, or the relative range of these qualities in color schemes.
From this link.

I am going to do a new exercise with this photo:
the first way is to identify the values so I have edited the photo in black and white.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Experiment one

I used a web page for getting a reference photo :
This is my outcome:

It was  an experiment really. last day I tried to draw a sunflower and it was a great failure so I have thought that I have to experiment with my draw to distinguish what need to practice. The basics are proportions, shape, values and tonality and colour.

This work shows me that I make certain mistakes such as grounds, values, borders and edges ( perfiles).
My first goal is to work about values and tonalities. I have noticed that I can´t draw trees because I need to distinguish the different values which make real everything rhat you can see in the landscape.

This is the reference photo: