Sunday, 25 September 2016


This the key

I just train

My teacher said shadow is plain. Left ear is made without datail. The intersection between neck and t-shirt isn't right.nose is not symetric. Eyes continue to seem wrong.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mistakes again

My teacher said there are many mistakes. Volumen doesn't exist. His eyes are different, face's shape is wrong because it is too plain and made with lines. Hair is plain. Shadow is made without details, too quickly.
 It seems a translation not a proper drawing. I need to think how is it, not translate.
In Spanish: Falta volumen en las sombras. ojos diferentes, pelo sin volumen, perfil de cara muy recto en la barbilla, barbilla sin volumen, sombras realizadas a base de líneas que destacan demasiado. Sombras hechas sin atención. De barbilla para abajo es plano.No traducir, pensar como es y dibujar, es decir no tratar de repetirlo. No es una copia es un dibujo.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Trying to understand definitely.

It's time to catch it up definitely. So I AM GOING TO EXERCISE AGAIN AND AGAIN WORKS TO UNDERSTAND THE RELATIONSHIP AMONG EVERY SINGLE PART OF EACH DRAWING.I am going to simplify everything in pieces and see whole object. If it is necessary I will correct my mistakes in the same exercise.
First stage: located each part.
Second stage: scketch it
Third: draw in detail.
Fourth: Make shadows and highlight.