Saturday, 17 January 2015

It is an experiment. Experimentando

Estos dibujos no han sido mas que un experimento para ver como dibujo.
El primero he dibujado de manera natural, sin tener en cuenta nada, únicamente repetía las lineas que veía en el objeto que dibujaba. Por supuesto no había planificación;no he tenido encuenta ningun aspecto, ni perspectiva, ni relacion entre las partes de objeto, ni los puntos claves, etc.
Los siguiente he tratado de considerar o tener en cuenta proporciones, distancias entre los puntos de los objetos etc.
En el último he realizado un cuadrado y he intentado meter el dibujo dentro de  él teniendo en cuenta todo el objeto integramente. Me he fijado en el espacio en negativo, porque tambien ocupa su lugar en el dibujo.

I took my notebook and my pencil and tryed to improve my vision about proportions.
First drawing shows how I draw without thinking; I made lines,  this was my method.  I saw the object and drew in my note book. I did't take other aspects into account. It 's very difficult to draw well without mastering aspects such as proportion, perspective, relationship among different elements in your drawing.
The next drawings I tried to consider aspect such as relationships among distances of all parts.It was  difficult because I didn't have a global vision of the object. It is a tridimensional object and if I want to place in a sheet I have to take into account a lot of aspects.
The last drawing  I wanted to draw in a square. It was very useful. I tried to place every point of my armchair in this square. It was important to see whole object. If you forget negative spaces you will not draw well. Our mind try to confuse our understanding, because it looks for important views for another goal. Drawing  depends on changing our mind. In this case we must see in other way. I have to think only in our drawing object how a holistic object.


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