Tuesday, 13 January 2015

This is no way

I repeat lines, so it is my mistake. I see lines and try to draw them without sense. It could be an interesting drawing because it looks like an image which you can find on internet. However, it is a boring drawing, empty of grace. It shows to me what is my wrong path. I have to change my way to see what I draw. I think it is very important if I understand what I am drawing. What do I have to understand? What is the relationship among different parts, what is the perspective, etc. The goal is to get a new view through my mind. I sometimes have noticed a new experience when I am drawing. I feel how I see my lines as a real object. I draw a line and it is similar like I am watching on real object. However this situation happens only during a few seconds. I am sure, it is likely these moments go on longer than now. The solution is to practise every day.

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