Thursday, 16 July 2015

Motivation through other web page.

 "Drawing is not a gift. It is a skill that is developed by practice and that anyone can learn to a high degree of proficiency. If you don’t do it, you will not get better. Throw yourself into it for one year. At the end of that year, you will emerge with the skill solidly under your belt".

This thought has been taken in a interesting web page .
In this page you can find a main theme, Nature. However, it is shown through drawings. There are drawings of animals such as birds, insects, bears, and plants.The author, John Muyr, breaks down the object into pieces and builds drawings putting together all of them. A delicious curiosity he  shows is  the importance to see the drawing like a puzzle. Shapes are used to draw and the guide is its structure. Every drawer has to understand  structure and shape to draw better.

you can find beautiful ideas about your ability to draw. I recommend you  read it.

Dibujar no es un talento. Es una capacidad que se desarrolla con práctica y que cualquiera puede lograr un alto nivel. Si tú no lo haces, no  mejorarás. Inténtalo durante un año. Al final del año aparecerá un gran dominio.
Esta idea la he tomado de una página web muy interesante. Recoge aspectos sobre la naturaleza a través del dibujo. Analiza el proceso de dibujar tanto de animales como plantas.

Un aspecto que destaca a la hora de dibujar es la forma y la estructura. Es como si cada objeto fuera un puzzle a componer y la guía de construcción fuese la estructura. Dibujar es crear esa conexión entre forma (Shape) y estructura (Structure).

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