Sunday, 10 January 2016

At the bottom

I chose a photo and I tried to draw in pastel. The photo shows different colours of green through leaves. In the middle there is a wall o maybe a amount  of rocks in a irregular line. Two trees in the right and another in the left complete the lanscape. At the top the sky isn't bright.
The main feature of this paintings is the emptyness and it is absolutely bored. The sense of painting is to be full of soul or sometihing new, as a stethic or some special sense such as beauty, spirituality,etc.

What was the problem? If I drew other lanscape better than this. I have realized that  I don' t have technique to choose in each moment. I think it is no question to take a stick and spread it a long the paper. Practice is essential but not either practice.  A long last years I draw for pleasure trying to improve. After analysing my way to draw I make the same mistakes. I draw without orientation. I take the advice of many drawers which is draw , draw , draw and it will pull out easily. Is it true? I have doubts about it. I think the way in the case of pastel is to do a painting at the same time as an artist. It was the case of my painting  of pears.
I am going to copy a landscape which I have watched in YouTube.

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