Saturday, 18 October 2008

Retrato de Nina Johansson.

Es asombroso la cantidad de blogs de dibujantes que puede haber en internet. Uno te lleva a otro y después a otro. Cada uno tiene la personalidad de su autor y su estilo al dibujar, pero lo que más me gusta es observar que todos sienten la necesidad de dibujar. Dibujar es parte de la esencia de su vida. Una destacada autora es Nina Johansson. Éste es su retrato.He llegado a su blog desde Urban Sketchers una plataforma de dibujantes, iniciativa de Gabi Campanario, que a través de sus dibujos se convierten en corresponsales de su ciudad. Nina lo hace desde Estocolmo (Suecia).
Estas son las libretas de Nina. Selecciona una, merece la pena.

Como dibuja: Every now and then I just have to bring out my dip pens and a bottle or two of ink. As much as I love drawing with Lamy Safari (I use it every day, even at work), nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats dip pens for drawing with ink. Once you find the nibs you love, you just have to keep on drawing with them. A little more pressure and you suddenly have a thicker line, hold the pen straight up on it´s tip and the lines get thin as hairs...I have no idea what nibs I used for these drawings, I have a whole jar of them, and I change them quite often while drawing.They all have their own personality, and depending on my mood or what I want to do, I like different nibs.The only disadvantage with these lovely drawing instruments is that it´s kind of messy to bring them along to draw somewhere else than at a sturdy table at home. I would love to take them with me on a drawing tour on the town, but I haven´t dared to yet. I know I will spill ink all over my jeans, I just know it.

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