Saturday, 27 September 2008

Como dibuja Cristina Jonsson.

El blog de Cristina Jonsson es uno de los que visito asiduamente. Sus imágenes transmiten una idea muy personal de las ciudades que dibuja. Siempre transmiten mucha tranquilidad y sosiego, tanto en las escenas como en las composiciones.

Estas líneas están sacadas de su blog. Tratan sobre el material que usa y el porqué de sus dibujos.

I´m always searching for good sketchbooks and when I find something I like I buy it so I have plenty of books that are waiting for me. I tend to prefer square shaped books, with a threadbinding. My favourites measure about 25x25 cm. The binding allows me to draw over the back binding and since I often draw architecture I find that this format suites me. The paper must be opaque enough so I can draw on both sidesof the paper. That seem to be a problem tough. I sketch with a Pilot pen with reservoir tip, nothing fancy. But my bags tend to be filled with them. For many years I did nothing but watercolors but today I prefer these really fast sketches made on the spot. Back home I then scan the drawings I like and color them in photoshop. It´s important to me to keep the handmade feeling in the pictures especially since I color them digitally.

When I sketch freely I prefer town architecture and the busy life of the streets. That´s why most sketches in this blog features such places. If you havn´t been to Sweden these sketches might even give you a glimpse of what it looks like here.

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